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New website, new season

Did you ever visit our website before? If yes you should have noticed some major changes: All the design is new and we added some updates for you. Finally we have a spot guide, now there is a blog with news and photos from Peniche and after many years you can finally see and download the photos [...]

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Surf class October 22nd 2015 in Almagreira with Nica and Chris

One of the last weeks of 2015: Intermediate lessons with Nica und Chris in Almagreira, one of the northern beaches of Peniche. This was end of October and pretty much no waves in the bay. Jut a couple of days befor the big swell hit Peniche for the finals of the Ripcurl Pro Portugal. In between some pics of [...]

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Our surf house

Construction mode is over. The new surf house is finished. We  accept bookings from now. The hostel has got seven beds in three rooms: Two rooms for couples/friends, and one room with three beds. There´s a fully equipped kitchen with washing machine, dryer, dish washer, oven, etc. And we got a bbq area in the back. The [...]

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