Video coaching

All surf classes include video coaching. (Private coaching we can film as often as you want). On video days we meet at our place after the surf for a coffee or a cold beverage if you like to analyse the day´s happenings on our 42 inch TV.

Video coaching is the main coaching instrument for professional surfers nowadays. Basically every World Tour surfer is constantly being escorted by a videographer to captcher every session and to analyse every single manouver since modern surfing is not about how a turn feels, but more about what it looks like to the judges.

But for beginning or progressing surfers, too, it is incredibly important to see one´s evolution on screen from time to time. And not just to impress the friends back home with the very best waves captured. The worst errors make you progress the most when seen on film.

Speaking of which: Bring a USB pen or a memory card if you want to take your footage home. One week´s footage can easily exceed 8 GB. Hence it´s quite impossible to send you this amount of data by internet after you leave.

For the tech geeks out there: We only use FULL HD camcorders recording in 50p mode. This means 50 full images per second. Normal camcorders can´t provide the slow motion we are looking for.

Most importantly (unlike many other surfcamps) we use professional grade video tripods since there is nothing more important than having to put up with shaky footage on big screens.

You can see examples of the videos we record during surf lessons on our Youtube channel.

At least once per week we also take the Photo camera to the beach. Sebbo recently acquired a professional Canon 1D DSLR camera that takes 10 frames per second. With our Canon 400mm L lens mounted to it every piece of your surf action will render crisp sharp. Thanks to us lots of new Facebook profile picture came into being.