Taster Surf lesson

Don´t know if surfing is the right thing for you? Just give it a try. It´s not a common thing, but it so happens that there are people who are not hooked to surfing from the first time.

Or if you travel with a group of hardcore surfers, but still unsure if you can survive a whole week in the water, you don´t need to book all week.

Our recommendation is to start the taster class on Monday so you could join some more days if you love it.

Tasters are not always available. Mondays are always on, but Tuesdays and Thursdays are often not too easy as we need one instructor to film the advanced classes. But as always: Just ask us for availability.

The ABC surfing lesson starts with an equipment and a safety introduction, followed up by prone position wave catching in the water, pop up training on the beach and towards the end you hopefully ride some waves on your feet.

Our taster lessons are usually all day lessons with two sessions. As an unexperienced surfer you (usually) wont be surfing on your feet with the right away.

The perfect gift!

First taster surf lesson
Prices for taster lessons in EURO Per day (Mo. – Fr.)
1 day 50,-


Prices for surf lessons include 23% Portuguese Value Added Tax (IVA).

Included in the lessons:

  • Wetsuit and surfboard at your free disposal (also after the lessons)
  • 2 x 2h practical and theoretical lessons per day
  • Beach transfer
  • Accident insurance

For tasters at the weekend or single session please have a look at Private lessons.