Surf Camps for all levels

Our regular surf lessons go every week from Monday to Friday.

  • Surf equipment at your free disposal after the lessons: Included for 7 days: Surfboard (can be change daily), wetsuit (3/2, 4/3 and  5/3 depending on season), booties, cap and gloves (in winter time)
  • 2 times 2 hours of practical and theoretical lessons per day (depending on conditions, the actual day with lunch break, transfers and video analysis can take up to 6 hours)
  • Transfer to and from the beach to the surf school (if we stay at our home beach we just walk down 200m)
  • The factory of Fatum-Surfboards where we will tell you exactly how a surfboard is being built and what is the right board for you (Usually on Wednesday afternoon)
  • Video analysis (if you want to copy your footage bring a laptop or pen drive)
  • Photos (will be available for download on our website)
  • Accident insurance (mandatory by Portuguese law)
senior longboard surfer

Surf Lessons for beginners

Surfing is a pretty complex sport and that can´t be taught within 2 hours. Our weekly 5 day courses build up your skills every day. From surfing broken waves in prone position in the first session towards catching and dropping down an unbroken wave towards the end of the week.

At the end of the week you should be able to surf safely on your own, to evaluate surfing conditions and keep training without assistance.

Our groups have a maximum of 6 students per instructor. All our surf teachers are internationally licensed and have more than 10 years of surfing and teaching experience.

The classes focus on the basic basics of surfing: Seeing waves, paddling into them, the secure take-off on land and in water, as well as priority rules and ocean safety.

The topic of the theory class is “Weather and Waves”.

The beginners lessons are right for you if you never stood up on a surfboard before, or if that was many years back.

green wave surf beginner

Intermediate Surf Classes

This class focuses on the perfection of your take-off, followed by surfing green (unbroken) waves, as long as they are not too big.

Orientation in the line up, reading and understanding waves and currents are important learning goals. As soon as you got those down we want to perform basic bottom turns and hopefully ride along the face of an unbroken wave.

Amping your wave count, working on a faster pop-up and perfecting your timing are the key factors for better surfing at this stage.

This class is right for you if you had beginners classes before, or surfed at least one week before, or even more if it was long ago.

Advanced Surf Classes

We all surf like pros in our dreams. But in reality most of us get stuck at some point and don’t seem to improve over weeks. It doesn’t have to be like this. There are key factors only a surf coach can teach you. Have a look at the pro tour. Not one single surfer doesn’t have a personal coach.

Our surf coach Nica coaches some of the local kids of Peniche that already one national and central Portuguese events after only being in his team for some weeks.

In advanced coaching we concentrate especially on video analysis. We do it at least twice per week depending on conditions.

Theory is wave forecasting or tides.

This class is right for you if you have been surfing at least for a couple of months. You should know priority rules and follow them. In head high surf you should be able to make it through the impact zone into the line up, catch unbroken waves and go to the right direction. It´s our turn now to show you how to turn more aggressively, to send more spray,  to generate more speed and to look more stylish.

Longboard Surf Clinic

Are you an advanced surfer and discovered the fun, ease and grace of the big boards? This is your place. All of us love surfing longboards.

Sebbo was German longboarding champion in 2012 and has been competing in the ISA World Surfing Games and the Eurosurf in the longboard divsion. In 2014 he placed 8th in the Portuguese longboard tour. Our instructor João that gives will most likely be your longboard instructor placed 3rd place last year in Portugal and won many national events.

Prices for surf lessons

Prices for group surf lessons in EURO per person
Surf classes Mo. – Fr. 250,-
1 – 4 days per day and taster class 55,-

Prices for surf lessons include 23% Portuguese Value Added Tax (IVA).

All surf classes include:

  • 2 sessions per day with lunch break on the beach*
  • Rental equipment (board and wetsuit)
  • Rental equipment included all day, 7 days for 5 day classes
  • Accident insurance
  • Beach transfer
  • Video analysis (5 day classes)
  • Fatum tour (Wednesdays)

*Depending on conditions, with bad weather or extreme tides there might be only one session possible.