Surfboards and rental equipment

We see our surfboard collection as a big test center. During your stay you can change your board as often as you wish.

To insure the best possible teaching we ourselves surf all our equipment on a daily basis. Like that we are able to help every type of surfer with his individual board as best as possible by knowing the different techniques the different shapes require.

You don’t need to have lessons or accommodation booked with us to rent surfboards or gear.

For pricing on surfboards and wetsuits please see our price list.

But you already know that we are the cheapest.


Progressive longboard nose ride
  • 9’6″ Deadlock Guerrero
  • 9’3″ Stewart Tipster Single Fin (only for advanced surfers)
  • 9’1″ Fatum Sniper Longboard 
  • 9’1″ Lufi Single Fin
  • 9’2″ NSP Longboard
  • 9’1″ Southpoint Bonga/Shaper M2

Mini mals

Fatum Dolphin rental surfboard
  • 8’6 NSP Surf-Series
  • 8’2 NSP Surf-Series
  • 8’0 Southpoint Bonga Perkins Minimalibu
  • 8’0 Torq 5x
  • 7’10 NSP Minimalibu 
  • 7’6 NSP Surf-Series 
  • 7’6 Torq 5x
  • 7,6 Fatum MiniMalibus 2x
  • 7’2 Torq 5x

Fun/Evolution boards

Fatum Chill Pill rental surfboard
  • 7’0″ Tore Tec M2
  • 7’0″ SGP Single Fin (Fatum Floyd Copy)
  • 6’10” Torq TEC Performance Fish
  • 6’8″ SGP Egg (Fatum Moby mit SGP Branding)
  • 6’6″ Torq TEC Performance Fish
  • 6’6″ Tore Tec M2


Shortboard surfing
  • 6’6″ Fatum Bond (Semigun)
  • 6’4″ Vulture Penknife (40 liters +)
  • 6’3″ Fatum Bond (Supertubos Step up)
  • 6’2″ Fatum Skippa Shortboard (old, but ok. squash 20″ wide, approx. 35 liters)

Fish-/Smallwave boards

Small wave surfboard
  • 6’4 Torq TEC Hybrid
  • 6’3 Torq TEC Performance Fish
  • 5,11 Fatum Retrofish
  • 5,8 Firewire Sweet Potato


soft board fun

More than 50 Boards:

  • 6’0″ bis 7’2″ for kids
  • 7’0″ and 7’6″ for small humans
  • 8’0″ and 8’6″ for bigger humans
  • 9’0″ for the biggest humans


We own more than 100 brand wetsuits from Rip Curl and Quiksilver. Our summer suits are 3/2s for winter we have 5/3 und 4/3s. Some booties, gloves and hoodies are there for those of you who get cold in winter time.

wetsuit fashion show

Our surf vans

Two VW T4 9 seaters, a Mercedes Vito with 8 seats Citroen Berlingo are at our disposal to get you and the boards to the beach.

Surfboard transport

More stuff for you

  • a couple of Full HD Camcorders
  • GoPro Hero4 action cam (many of our boards have mounts already, so you can bring your own)
  • Full HD 42″ LCD
  • White boards, pens, our heads and bad humour
  • CANON 1D Mark IV + 400mm L lens
Peniche Big wave surf photo


We have some longboards and one or two normal skateboards here. Better check with us first before you leave your own at home: The sand and salt tends to kill the bearings fast.

On our website you will find more information about skate parks, skateboarding and longboarding in Peniche and around.

Skating in Peniche


At the apartments and at the hostel there are always some bikes for free for our guests staying there. The exact number is hard to tell. At some point last year we had almost 10, after there were only 2. Right now their number seems to be growing.

If you want to rent a bike ask us.

bike rental peniche