FATUM Surfboard Tour

FATUM Surfboard factory tour

Every week we visit the FATUM Surfboard Factory as part of the surf classes.

Sebbo used to work in the factory before he opened his own surf school. And even now the team often helps out when there´s a lot of work. Thus we know every little secret and some of them we might even share with you.

It is not too common for a surfboard shaper to allow strangers into their secret chambers, but Gero, the owner is pretty much the nicest person in the world.

We will show you step by step how a surfboard is made. And if you pay attention you can learn how to built your own one day. If you know how to use your hands and have a basement in your parents´ place it´s actually worth a try.

In case you are looking for the factory. Here you will find it:

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