Surf classes for kids with or without parents

In theory kids can learn how to surf as soon as they know how to walk. But every child is different. Over the years we have helped hundreds of grommets (young surfers) to stand up on a surfboard. Some of the youngest girls were not scared of waves at all, and some big mouthed teenage boys had quite some respect of even the tiniest waves. You know your kids the best. As a rule of thumb: Under 10 years of age your kids should have an instructor just for them (Private lessons). From 10 years or older, and especially when mummy and/or daddy are in the same class, they should be able to join the regular classes.

If you are unsure just ask for our opinion. Also, if you have a younger kid, that just wants to give it a first try for one day with really small waves, or if only one of the parents can be in the water at a time with the other one watching a baby, just contact us. We will find a solution.

Peniche is the best spot all over Europe to surf with your kids: Short walks to the beach, parking everywhere and beach bars on almost every corner. Not to forget the bays with small waves and virtually no currents.

By the way: Sebbo just became a daddy himself. But it will take another couple of years for little Nando to start surfing. But then be prepared.

For prices please see our price list or ask for an individual offer right away. We can also help you with planning your surf holidays, finding a holiday home and a rental car.