(Cheap) flights to Portugal

The closest airport from Peniche is Lisbon Airport (about 90k). Flights into Porto might be cheaper, but it will take up to 7 hours+ with public transport to get to Peniche. Don´t expect the trip via Porto to be much cheaper by rental car than flying into Lisbon. The highway to is more than €20 per way. With gas prices raining in the most expensive all over Europe the 300k will cost you around €30 even with a small car.

Germanwings (now Eurowings) has direct flights from Köln, Stuttgart, München, Leipzig, Hamburg, Berlin.

Easyjet from Berlin und Basel.

Airberlin via Mallorca from many major cities.

TAP Portuguese airline, usually the cheapest option from all over Europe since luggage is included in the fare.

Swiss all Swiss airports.

Ryan Air from Frankfurt Hahn,  Bremen und Hamburg straight into Lisbon!

Skyscanner.net  will search for the cheapest flight in a chosen month.

Pricing table for surfboard transport

Ryanair 50,- € per board bag if booked online, at the  60€
Eurowings 50 € per board bag within Europe
Easyjet 45,- € per board bag (up to 20kg)
Air Berlin If the only piece of luggage your board bag will travel for free. Has to be booked before.
Air France 55€ within Europe. Has to be booked before.
Lufthansa 50,- € per board bag on inner continental flights (max. 32kg, 200cm)
TAP 50,- € per board bag within Europe and to Morocco
Swiss If the only piece of luggage your board bag will travel for free. If not 50€ within Europe


We do not take any responsibility for incorrect information. All the fees are suspect to change. Book in advance. Just showing up at the airport wont let it travel fro free anymore. And don´t forget to wrap your babies in cushion as good as you can.

Over at Magic Sea Weed there is a list of all international airlines’ fees: http://magicseaweed.com/news/airline-baggage-charges-the-comprehensive-list/7316/