Getting to Peniche by bus

Two bus companies will get you to Peniche from anywhere in Portugal cheap, fast and reliable. We pick up all our guests that have booked accommodation with us at the bus terminal in Peniche. Check-in is from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.. Before or after is no problem, just let us know in advance. On weekdays we (an our cars) are usually on the beach during daytime and we might not be able to pick you up. A Taxi from Peniche to Baleal should be less than 10€.

There are trains in Portugal. The line for Porto to Lisbon is fast and popular. Peniche does not have a train station. The station called Peniche is 30 kilometres inland. A taxi will cost you around 30€.

There are two bus stops in Peniche. Do not get off at the first one at the roundabout unless you want to stay in the center of Peniche.

Time tables from Lisbon to Peniche

There are three major bus terminals in Lisbon, two of which will get you two Peniche with two different public transport companies: Campo Grande and Sete Rios (Jardim Zoologico).

Departure Lisbon
Sete Rios
07:30 09:00 Daily
08:30 10:05 Every day but Sunday
10:00 11:35 Daily
11:45 13:20 Daily
12:30 14:05 Daily
13:30 15:05 Daily
15:45 17:20 Daily
17:00 18:35 Daily
18:30 20:05 Daily
19:30 21:05 Daily
22:00 23:30 Only Sunday, Monday if holiday
Departure Lisbon
Campo Grande
08:00 09:25 Working days
10:00 11:25 Saturday, Sunday, holidays
11:00 12:25 Working days
13:00 14:25 Working days
14:30 15:55 Saturday, Sunday, holidays
15:15 18:10 Working days
17:30 18:55 Working days
18:00 19:25 Working days
18:45 20:10 Working days
19:00 20:25 Working days
20:00 21:25 Daily
21:00 22:25 Working days
22:30 23:55 Working days

Lisbon Airport to Sete Rios bus terminal:

  • Right in front of the airport Aerobus Line 2 leaves every 40 minutes. Operated by Yellowtours and Rede Expressos [ʀˈedɘ ɘʃpɾˈɛsuʃ]. A one day ticket is €3.50, €3.15 if you book online.
    Website (click Line 2):
  • A Taxi from the airport to Sete Rios is about 10€ and takes approx. 10 Minuten. Taxis leave right in front of the airport.
  • The cheapest way to travel in Lisbon is the Metro. Now there is a station right at the airport. Single trips are a bit more than €1. The ticket itself is .50 Cent and you can recharge it. To get to either of the bus terminals you have to change lines at least once, so the trip is going to take you more than an hour.

Lisbon Airport to Campo Grande:

  • There is no shuttle service to Campo Grande. You can do it on public busses, but you have to change at least once. This can be a bit complicated.
  • We recommend going by taxi. A taxi from the airport to Campo Grande is less than €10 and takes less than 10 minuten. Taxis leave right in front of the airport.
  • The cheapest way to travel in Lisbon is the Metro. Now there is a station right at the airport. Single trips are a bit more than €1. The ticket itself is .50 Cent and you can recharge it. To get to either of the bus terminals you have to change lines at least once, so the trip is going to take you more than an hour.

Time table from Peniche to Lisbon

Arrival Lisbon
Sete Rios
06:00 07:30 Every day but Sunday
07:00 08:35 Daily
08:30 10:05 Daily
09:15 10:50 Daily
11:45 13:20 Every day but Sunday
12:30 14:05 Daily
14:30 16:05 Daily
16:00 17:35 Daily
17:00 18:35 Daily
18:30 20:05 Daily
19:30 21:05 Only Sunday, Monday if holiday
Arrival Lisbon
Campo Grande
05:45 07:10 Working days
06:15 07:40 Working days
06:45 08:10 Working days
07:00 08:25 Working days
07:15 08:40 Working days
07:30 08:55 Working days
07:45 09:10 Working days
08:15 09:40 Working days
09:30 10:55 Working days
11:00 12:25 Working days
11:30 12:55 Weekends and holidays
14:15 15:40 Working days
16:45 18:10 Working days
18:00 19:25 Weekends and holidays
18:30 19:55 Working days
19:30 20:55 Working days

From Porto to Peniche

From Peniche to Porto

Change in
00:45 09:00 Lisboa Working days
06:00 11:35 Lisboa Daily
07:15 12:25 Lisboa Daily
08:00 13:25/14:00 Lisboa Daily
09:30 15:05 Lisboa Daily
10:45 16:20 Direct/Coimbra Daily
12:00 16:20 Direct/Coimbra Daily
13:00 18:35 Lisboa Daily
14:00 20:05 Lisboa Daily
15:00 21:05 Lisboa Daily
16:30 21:10 Direct/Coimbra Daily
18:00 23:30 Lisboa Sunday, Monday if holiday
Change in
07:00 11:25 Direct Daily
08:30 13:55 Lisboa Daily
09:15 15:00 Lisboa Daily
11:45 17:30 Lisboa Not on Sunday
12:30 18:30 Lisboa Daily
14:30 20:30 Lisboa Daily
15:00 19:00 Direct/Coimbra Sunday only
15:00 19:55 Direct/Coimbra Friday and Sunday
15:00 20:55 Direct/Coimbra Daily
16:00 21:30 Lisboa Daily
17:00 22:30 Lisboa Daily
18:15 22:15 Direct/Nazaré Sunday only
18:15 22:55 Direct/Coimbra Daily
18:30 00:30 Lisboa Daily
20:30 02:00 Lisboa Sunday only

Porto Airport to Porto bus terminal:

The bus terminal in Porto is called Garagem Atlantico. The addresse is Rua Alexandre Herculano 294. Company Website:

  • The “Porto City Center Bus” leaves right in front of the airport. It runs between 8:25 Uhr and 19:25 Uhr almost  hour, around noon only very hour and a half, takes 25 minutes and costs € 2.50.Website:
  • If there is no more bus, the last metro leaves around midnight und is a bit cheaper. The terminal is a good 10 minute walk between Sao Bento and Bolhao station.

Advice for Surfers about public transport and taxis in Portugal


  • There is free wifi on almost every bus
  • It rarely happens, but busses can be fully booked in summer time. To be sure you can book your trip online
  • This is often even cheaper
  • Lisbon airport ground staff is pretty slow. It is pretty much impossible to leave the airport (with your luggage) within one hour’s time after landing
  • Surf board transport on busses is not for free if you run into a dirver that has a bad day! At Rede Expressos they can charge you the price of a Rodomail parcel. At the Rodomail counter inside the bus terminal they weight your bag. A double board bag can be as much as 30€!
  • On overland busses (coaches) from or two spain, have your surfboard transport confirmed before you go!



  • In rush hour a taxi from the airport can take half an hour to the bus terminal
  • The trip from Baleal to Peniche can take well over one hour on August Sunday afternoons!
  • Ask for the fair before you get on the taxi
  • They are allowed to charge around €1 per piece of luggage
  • Taxi drivers often don’t take surf board bags or will charge you €20 or more


We don’t take responsibility for any of the schedules on this website. All the times were right on Nov. 25th 2015. No responsibility for typos.

Caution: Portuguese public holidays are probably not the same as your home country’s

Please check the times yourself with the provided links.

Getting to Portgual by bus and train from abroad

Even from Central Europe you can get to Portugal without leaving a carbon footprint by flying. Euro Lines is the biggest Inter-European bus company. But don´t get up your hopes – Those long distance busses are not cheaper than a flight. And those 36 hours on the bus from Germany are virtually a pain in the ass.

From Spain or France it’s a completely different story. From Barcelona hopping on a plane is a lot more comfortable, but from Madrid and southern Spain, Sevilla, Cádiz, and  Tarifa, the busses only take a couple of hours and should be cheaper than even the cheapest budget flight. ALSA and Euro Lines are the bus companies you are looking for. They also have busses at night time that can save you a night in a hotel. And they will get you to the ferry to Morocco if you want to follow the endless summer after a Portuguese Autumn.

From southern France you just need to catch a bus to Iron. The trains to Lisbon go at night and will only set you back around €60. Tickets are available on the Portuguese railway company’s website

All international busses and trains should be booked online.