Restaurants in Baleal

Next door on the Baleal Coop area

  • Febras: Portuguese fish and meat
  • Pizzarela: The name says it all
  • Gauchao da Picanha: Meat. Meat only. Brazilian.
  • Super Baleal: Supermarket with Cafetaria. Happy hour from 5 to 7: 2 beers 80 cent!

On the 1st floor above the base is Peróla do Atlantico. Good for after surf munchies: Mini Prato dish of the day 4€.

Down to the beach from the surf school

  • Ponto do Encontro: Senhor Luis has the best monster sandwiches. Only during day time.
  • Bar do Bruno: Best Burgers in town. And best view.

At the big parking

  • Prainha: Meat and freshest fish. A bit better than the others around.
  • 3 House: Nice terrace on the beach. Giant plates.
  • Algamar: Fish and meat. Good and cheap.
  • Danau: Beach snacks in day time.
  • Bar da Praia: Good toasties, meeting point all day long overlooking the surf in Cantinho.

Baleal Island

  • Taberna do Ganhao: Top Tapas and freshest sea food.
  • Café Central: Top snacks.
  • 7 Marés: Beach snacks.

From Baleal to Ferrel

  • Baleal à Vista: Grilled chicken and continental style dishes.
  • Game Club: Cheap fast food until 3 am.
  • Surfers Lodge: 4 star hotel restaurant
  • Sushi Fish: Really good Sushi. A bit more expensive but totally worth it. Reservations: +351 926 498 328 Facebook:
  • Cantina de Ferrel: Our friend Nuno does tasty and authentic Italian food in his small Cantina. Make a reservation or show up early. Facebook: Reservations: +351 – 262 769 264

Restaurants in Peniche

Peniche’s harbour street

There are 20 or more restaurants in around in the harbour area. Actually all of Avenida do Mar is covered by restaurants. Almost all of them offer the same (portuguese) tourist style. But there are some gems in between.

  • Il Buccone: As you might guess, it’s an Italian. The owner actually is. Bea’s favourite pizza in Peniche. A bit thicker and a bit more topping than the others.  This is the first place right after the bridge. Reservations: +351 262 782 412 Facebook:
  • Nagoya: Japanese/Portuguese style Suhsi. All you can eat. Lunch for 11, dinner for 15€. Every surfer’s dream after a day in the ocean, but quality not like Sushi Fish. Don’ t go on (summer) weekends. It’s just too packed. Website:
  • O Pedro: Fish, meat, and sea food. Portuguese. Seems to be one of the better restaurants around for a Portuguese dinner.
  • Java House & 3 Às: Right next to each other. Best location for an aperitivo. Tres Às got a bit more class. Good ice cream just across the street.

Best restaurants in Peniche

  • Tasca do Joel: Hidden in the back of Peniche is its most know restaurant won hundreds of prizes already. Fish and meat in all variations. Not the place of choice for vegetarians.  They also run a store for wine and Portuguese local products -> Good for presents to bring home. Closed on Sundays for dinner and all day on Mondays. Show up early on weekends or better go during the week. They do not take reservation in main season! Website: Remember the map well or go with GPS.
  • Estelas: Doesn’t look like anything special from the street, but the chef himself will take your order at the table. A tiny little bit more expensive, but totally worth it:
  • Nau dos Corvos: At the light house overlooking the Atlantic ocean this is the most expensive Restaurant in Peniche. Compared to eating out anywhere else in Europe it still feels like cheap. Excellent sea food and impeccable service. Website:

Pizza in Peniche

  • Il Boccone: Bea’s favourite pizza.
  • Sr. Pizza: The only delivery in Peniche area. Also to Baleal. The family pizzas for around €15 even fill up two hungry surfers.
  • A Outro: When Sr. Pizza is closed or no tables are left
  • Pizzarela: Next to the surf school in Baleal. If you are on a budget: Just the garlic bread with olives will stuff you!
  • Cantina de Ferrel: The Onyx authentic Italien pizza in the area. Not too big, but really tasty! Check for special during daytime.

Vegetarian and vegan food in Portugal

Maintaining a vegetarian diet in Portugal is not easy. Most restaurant will offer you fish if you don’t want meat. There are a number of really good ones in Lisbon, thou. Terra has a giant all you can eat buffet and a lush garden to enjoy you food in.

Eating out as a vegetarian in Peniche is a different story. Nagoya Sushi has some tofu and vegetarian sushi on offer and Brunos bar serves a delicious veggie burger. Most other restaurants (except for pizza) will offer you a salad or an egg omelette. Always tell the waiter to make yours without ham.

Pizza/Pasta/Risotto at Cantina are always a save choice.

General advice on eating out in Portugal

Peniche has been know as a fishermen’s city for hundreds of year. Every night merchants from all over the world bargain for their catch in one of Portugal’s largest fish markets in Peniche’s harbour. So as you might guess, fish in Peniche is fresh and trying is a must. It’s also the dish Portuguese chefs know the best.

Robalo and Dourada are on every restaurants menu. Both are tasty., kommen als ganzes oder halbiert auf den Teller und haben nicht zu viele Gräten. Auf den Speisekarten findet man die meisten Fische zweimal: Einmal zum Tellerpreis für um die 10€, wobei das meist Zuchtfisch aus Aquakulturen ist und einmal zum Kilopreis: Das ist der frische Fisch direkt aus dem Meer. Zu zwei geteilt kann man einen frischen Robalo (Wolfsbarsch) für je gut 20€ essen. Billiger geht es kaum.

Tipping, starters, etc.

  • Most Portuguese do not tip at all in a “normal” restaurant. In touristy areas and better restaurants you are expected to give around 10%. Usually you just leave the change on the table when you leave.
  • Most Portuguese restaurants will already have starters on the table or bring them as soon as you sit down. If you don’ want (to pay) for those, tell the waiter right away to avoid any misunderstanding. But don’t worry, olive and bread should be around 1 Euro. But shrimps can easily add €10 to your bill.
  • In a traditial Portuguese restaurant you can’t expect a perfectly prepared western dish. Pizza in is usually frozen super market pizza. And pasta is usually left in the pot for an extra 10 minutes to make sure it isn’t “al dente”. But: You are not in Italy. Bitoque, a small steak served with fried egg, rice, fries and salad will be around 7€. Grilled fish is cheap and healthy. So leave your eating habits at home and try something new.
  • Bacalhau (dried cot fish from Norway) is the most know Portuguese dish, but might need some getting used to.
  • A salad in Portugal is usually lettuce with thick tomato and onion slices. There are no dressings, just oil and vinegar. At Bruno’s bar and Cantina you get a good salad, thou. Or just get a fresh lettuce on the market in Peniche an make your own.