Camp sites in and around Peniche and Baleal

The cheapest possible accommodation (other than sleeping in the dunes) are the campsites in around Baleal. You can find a place for your tent from about 5€/day during Summer. There are five of them but only three have a website:

*UPDATE 2018:

Urban Art Camping (Ninho do Corvo) just outside of Ferrel in the fields on the way to Almagreira beach.

Camping Municipal is located right at the first roundabout in Peniche between the bay and Supertubos. About three kilometers to from Baleal, thou.

Peniche Praia is another campsite on the Peniche peninsula. Only accesible by car (or long bike ride). And despite the name there is no (surfing) beach close by.

There are two campsites in Baleal. You will find them here. The second is just a bit up the road on the way to Ferrel. Neither of them has a website. Not even a proper sign. The more westerly one you wont see from the street. Look on Google Maps to find a long strip on the left side of Baleal a Vista Hotel. The old ladys running them don´t speak English and some of our friends were denied access when affirming that they surfed. The facilities are pretty basic but the location is as good as it gets. In summertime they are usually booked out with Portuguese families.

If you want a bit more peace and quiet you´ll love the alternative campsite in the fields of Almagreira. Go and look for it.

Almagreira Camp Site does not exist any longer!

Notice: We do not have any more information and any contact to the camp sites. We do not take care of booking, pick up, etc. to the campsites. 

You will see lots of camper vans along the Portuguese coast line. Most people think of Portugal to be the last southern European country allowing you to park and sleep basically wherever you want. Which is not the case. Since end of 2017 the police regularly go around and fine all the campers on beach parkings and the cliff and dune area off the north coast. It is forbidden to sleep on any beach parking and in any protected area. The fine is at least 120€. If you still camp outside: Remember not to leave any trash and use public toilets! There is a free sewage disposal station at Intermarche in Peniche.


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